In BTS’s new Music Video, J-Hope eats a pat of butter.

I cringe a little to think about eating butter all by itself.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a buttered butter-milk biscuit(my Mother-In-Law makes the best) with a slice of tomato. Yum Yum.

I have mentioned that my son was born on Halloween, so we had costume birthday parties. When he was four he dressed as a lego block.

I’m not creative enough to come up with the concept of the costume on my own, but I don’t recall who deserves the credit.

It takes six tubs of butter to make a lego block, so being the doting parents that we are, we purchased 6 tubs and scooped out all the butter and put it into another bowl and stored it in the refrigerator for later consumption. We don’t eat a whole lot of butter, so eventually, we had to throw all of it out. Yes, I know, a waste of perfectly good butter when there are starving kids in the world. I never said we were perfect parents.

My sweet lego block

But butter-milk biscuits baked with butter beats butterless biscuits any day.

Moral of my story–don’t waste butter. There is someone in the world who’ll eat it. More Butter to you, J-Hope.

Disclaimer: I enjoyed the new video. Some Christians feel the use of the phrase OMG is breaking one of the ten commandments. I am one of them, so as I sing along, I’ll just sing something different, like Oh My Goodness cause that’s what my Grandmother said. If Grandma said it, then it’s okay with me. (It’s okay to take my own goodness in vain, because I know that my own goodness is nothing when compared to the perfection of Jesus). Hey, I’m not judging the boys, I’m just saying what makes me comfortable.

Another Breakfast referenced song oldie-but-goodie just recently posted to Youtube by the Newsboys. Fun Fun Fun.

When the toast has burned . . .

And since I’m CRAZY, here’s another song by the Newsboys: