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During the election season I was given a free copy of a book that was being re-released.  I intended to blog about it, even though it was an opposing viewpoint from my own. I was willing to write the author’s assertions and then state the reasoning for my position.

But I got to one chapter that made me sick to my stomach. I could not in good conscience lead anyone to read this book, which essentially said that abortion helps to lower the crime rate.

First of all, I thought that in our courts we are innocent until proven guilty. I suppose that is the case, unless you’re in your mother’s womb. Then you’re guilty if your mother says you are. With no evidence. And no crime.

In our legal system, we rely on evidence. And sometimes science plays a large part in bringing the evidence to light.

DNA was first used in criminal cases in 1986. Since then, innocent people have been set free after serving a prison sentence for crimes they didn’t commit. And, likewise, people have been found guilty after years of no evidence.

Cold cases have been solved. Simply from analyzing the DNA.

In 1973 Roe v Wade was decided before the Supreme Court of the United States based on the argument that a woman should be able to have an abortion because it was her own body.

However, if the DNA was analyzed in that excised part of “her body”, I think we’d find that it wasn’t her body at all.

The DNA evidence would suggest that this was in fact, another person. Another body. Another crime victim.

Is it time to use new science for a cold case?




The Youth Leaders in my church took our youth to see The Case for Christ at the Palace Pointe theatre when the movie was first released.

I loved it and told others to go see it.

Then I had the pleasure of meeting the screenplay writer of the movie, Brian Bird, at the Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writers Conference where he taught us how to write screenplays.

He is also an executive producer for the show, When Calls the Heart, on the Hallmark Channel(which I love).  Needless to say, I had to take a selfie with him.

Brian Bird 2017 BRMCWC


I saw this review of the movie and had to laugh(My last post is also a video from this same man, David Wood, who you’ll find in the book Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus by Nabeel  Qureshi). I think Mr. Bird would be pleased about this review.

The movie is out on DVD now. GO GET IT. I’m thinking of buying several copies to give away.

BTW, I love movies with Christian themes. Yes, even the low budget ones.

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.      John 14:6.


He is the only way, Home and Family people.

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