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I admire strong brave people, because there are times when I’m not brave and when I’m not strong.

But I know two young people who are both brave and strong.

Zach and  Dalton are giant-slayers.

In 2010 Zach started on his quest to slay the giant.

The Doctors could not figure out what was going on in his small body. His red blood cells were being killed as soon as they were being made. Steroids and blood transfusions kept him alive.

But there came a time when he needed a stronger intervention.

In steps his big brother, Dalton, who was a perfect match for bone marrow donation.

Before he was to go into the hospital for the procedure, Zach, his parents and members of the church planned a celebration of life service.

When Zach was just a small thing he gave his heart to Christ, and I don’t know of too many adults who show such faith in the Savior as this young man.

Below I’ve posted the service in its entirety. Zach chose all the songs. And I have to say, an adult couldn’t have done a better job. The songs are powerful and spoke to what he is going through right now.

You can read more about this giant-slaying quest on his Caring Bridge Page:

Whom Shall I Fear

I’ve confessed that I have slight prepping tendencies.

I happened upon these videos which I think are a great introduction to preparing for different disaster scenarios.

The biggest disaster is to live with the weight of sin. But it is the easiest disaster to avoid, because we don’t have to do anything about it. It was all done for us. Jesus took the weight of our sin with him on the cross. He paid the penalty for our sin. And all we have to do is accept that he did and receive the forgiveness that only He can offer. It is simple really.

Engineer775  mentions that the US is not mentioned in Bible prophecies. I’d like to think that it is because most of the country will be raptured. Those that put their faith in Jesus will be one of those raptured. I wouldn’t want to be LEFT BEHIND.

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