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I have two sets of glasses.

One set I wear to work.

The other set I wear to bed.


Because I watch TV in bed.

TV takes my mind off my day to day activities. Without it, I’d stay awake thinking about what happened that day and what is on the agenda for the next day. I’d think about things I should have said and things I shouldn’t have said.(I’m careful to make sure what I fall asleep to is wholesome–I don’t want to be subliminally influenced by what’s on. Usually, I fall asleep to one of my Jane Austen movies which serves a dual purpose).

So, every night I fall asleep with my glasses still on my nose.

Jokingly I say I need them for my dreams. But I’m sure I have perfect vision in my dreams.

My bedtime glasses are old. They’re not even the right prescription (no need to tell me this is wrong. I already know it is). In fact, one side is held together with duct tape(handy for just about anything).

Imagine my complete horror when, a couple of weeks ago, I got out of my car at work, walked toward the office building and noticed some strange object just off to the side of my field of vision.

You guessed it, I wore the wrong pair of glasses to work. The ones with the duct tape.

Now, I work in a nice place where the men wear suits and the women dress fashionably.

I suppose my true fear is that everyone would realize the truth about me–I am a duct tape-wearing kinda ¬†girl. Which would make me an imposter at my job. Because we shouldn’t be wearing duct tape and clients may not trust someone wearing duct tape.

But I believe everyone needs a little humbling every now and then.


I believe in the power of story.

Jesus did too, because he told parables to illustrate spiritual concepts.

The prodigal son parable told of God’s love for us even when we’ve turned our back on him. He waits for us to return to Him and when we do, His arms are outstretched.

My ultimate goal in writing my fiction is to point people to the Bible.

While I am not yet published, I had a critique partner tell me she looked up a passage in the Bible after reading about something my character had referenced from the Bible

Besides someone telling me they became a Christ follower after reading my work, telling me they were compelled to read scripture is one of the highest honors(because there is power in the pages of the Bible–if you don’t believe, read it for yourself).

I am currently writing a little fluff fiction piece now that I hope illustrates Biblical teachings and influences my readers to open the Bible.

A minor character in my story has been called to be a missionary, and I needed to research missionaries in that time period in England.

And so, today I read this:

There should be such a full and varied supply of food for the craving mind, as to supersede, to banish from the community, at least from the church, every form and variety of that poisonous romance, that worthless fiction which has spread itself almost every where; has, even, with shameless impudence obtruded itself into the selected library of the Sabbath school.

Always, always choose the Bible over fiction.

Sadly, in today’s society, many will not open the Bible, even for curiosity’s sake.

Maybe, just maybe, someone will read one of my books (one day) and decide to pick up the Bible and see what is in its covers.

Click here if you wish to read the rest of the research piece written in 1844History of the English Baptist Missionary Society from A.D 1792 to A.D. 1842.

Message from Mark 10:1-12

Pastor Barry and his beautiful bride, Marie:

Mark 9: 43-48

Luke 16: 23-31

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