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My son hates it when I beat him at Wheel of Fortune.

And when I have, yet again, bested him in solving a puzzle, he “storms” from the room in pretend disgust. As he leaves the room he yells back over his shoulder, “Why don’t you try out for the show.”

And I say “Because I don’t look good on video. The camera is not kind to me.”

I’d say, “Logan, does this TV make me look fat?”

To which my son would reply, “It’s not the TV, Mama.”

I think highly of my son. Very highly. (Cause he’s much taller than me. No really, I love my boy).

He makes me laugh.Which means I think he’s brilliant. Even though his grades don’t reflect his brilliance. He can solve a rubik’s cube in under a minute.

He loves funny stuff –comedians, T-shirts with funny sayings or pictures, jokes, etc.

In September we took our annual Myrtle Beach trip.

While there we saw the Pirate’s Voyage, a new dinner show complete with high dive acts, mermaids and of course, pirates.

As we were walking from the parking lot to the show, I quickly snapped this picture, not paying attention to what I was doing because we were rushing to catch the pre-show. When we returned to our condo I checked my camera and lo and behold, this is what I had taken:

Yes, my son is wearing a Kool-Aid T-shirt. My little niece wanted to dress like him, so now we call him the Big Pitcher and her the little glass of Kool-Aid. For his birthday (aka Halloween) he could’ve dressed as the headless Kool-Aid man. Now that’s scary stuff.


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