Ephesians 6: 17

17 Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.

When my Pastor joined the marines, he acquired this  sword.

He now wields a different weapon.

The sword of the Spirit–which is the Word of God.

It is evident to me he spends much time in the sWord. This book has been through many battles.

In these videos, notice he has two swords and he never puts down the one in his hand.

As a young marine (not yet a Christian) Pastor Barry volunteered twice to be sent to Vietnam. And twice his orders were canceled. Could it be that God had other orders waiting for him in the ministry?

Another coincidence? On the day I came prepared to take his picture wielding the word, he preached this message.I did take the picture, but I was in the balcony and it wasn’t  clear. I was able to get the pictures of him wielding his sword–the marine one and the God one, a week later.

And why did I want to write this blog? I have always been in awe of the scripture this man of God has committed to his memory. And then I saw the shape of his New Testament he holds as he preaches. And I had to take a picture of it.