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This crazy woman woke up at 3 AM on my own. My phone alarm was set for 4 AM so I wouldn’t miss any part of the Royal Wedding.

I am recording Good Morning America’s coverage and watching BBC America’s (As I said, I don’t want to miss anything).

To redeem my time in front of the TV, I am blogging. And my comments will probably be disjointed and possibly unrelated to one another, but I wanted to record my thoughts as I watched.

I would not be a great journalist if given the assignment of covering the wedding. I’d say–and I see another car coming from Buckingham palace, and a mini-bus. There’s another and another. The women are wearing hats and the men are smartly dressed. The queen is wearing  bright yellow.

I watched Prince William’s parents marry when I was fourteen.  And I thought how boring  life was for me, a farm girl who, just after the ceremony, had to hang out the wash on the clothes line. And today, I boiled eggs as Prince William and Katherine said their vows.

Kate was beautiful, as always.

The Bible reading was relevant and very meaningful to me.

Kate received her ring, but William did not. After all, he really doesn’t need one to show the world he is married. He will not meet many people who do not know of his marital status. And there will be some women who will not care, with or without the ring. I pray he is faithful.

I would have liked to have seen Kate relax against her chair as the message was delivered by the bishop, instead she sat upright with her back not up against the chair, but leaning away. Maybe the dress was made in such a way that it was not possible. I hope that it was not a result of her trying to be “royal” or what I would call stiff. She is so beautiful and has the perfect features for a true princess, she doesn’t need to carry herself any differently.

The bishop quoted (I was not quick enough to get the name of the original creator of the words), “Be who God wants you to be and you will set the world on fire.”  If we only follow those words. Most of us do not know who God wants us to be.  I want to be a novelist, but is that what God wants for me? Does he have more in store? Or maybe He just wants me to live a quiet, simple, holy life that brings glory to Him(I think that is what he wants for every one).

I write romances set in Regency England, so I have spent many hours studying King George, III and his son, the Prince of Wales who became the Prince Regent and later King George, IV.

And what I’ve learned is that the life of a Royal is not easy. Kate has married her new career. And while we all do, her  job will be tougher than most.  I’m sure she already knows this.  Every move she makes will be watched by the world. That is extreme pressure placed on one person.

Pippa looked stunning in her dress. I think I liked it better than Kate’s(I’m not a fan of the lace sleeves, but I understand the arms needed to be covered?).

As they got into the carriage, Prince William fumbled with his gloves. I would have loved to have seen Kate help him button them.

As they traveled in the 1902 landau, Prince William occasionally saluted to someone alongside the route and every time he did, Kate bowed her head. Apparently it is considered a royal salute.

I wish the couple well. And if I could send them a wedding gift, I’d send them the book, The Five Love Languages, because after all, the two are people just like us, and will have ups and downs in their marriage.

I am probably one of the few prudes who is disappointed that they lived together first.

My little niece has a writer’s heart.

In this video she reads her mystery, complete with sound effects–onomatopaeia (had to look up the spelling).

Isn’t she adorable? She’s been writing since she was  four. Back then she dictated to me. Now she is writing and illustrating them all by herself.

I’ll update this post with the transcript when I have more time.

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