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I heard Kim Vogel Sawyer speak at the 2005 American Christian Fiction Writer’s Conference in Nashville, TN. I have since listened to her testimony many times on the conference CD set I purchased. Her talk brings tears to my eyes each time I listen to it.

So imagine my delight when I saw the audio version of her book, Waiting For Summer’s Return, in my local library.

There are more eloquent reviews for the book than I could write, but I loved the story and I am especially happy that I was able to listen to it presented by actress, Barbara Caruso, who brings the story to life with her performance of the German accent.

I highly recommend the book. But if you can get a hold of the audio version, do so.

Two small children waited with their parents at the security checkpoint at the airport in Minneapolis. Both children had pacifiers in their mouths. The little girl in the stroller dropped hers. Would she be able to clear security without her “Boarding Paci”?  Makes you wonder.

I haven’t written in awhile because of travel with my “day job”.

When I returned home from work last Monday I discovered a book in my mailbox sent directly from the publisher. I needed to pack for a trip so I couldn’t read it right way, but I did pack it.

I don’t read well in the airport because I’m a people watcher, so I had little hope that I would get much read.

When the plane took off, I brought out the book and began to read. I thought it coincidental that the book opened in an airport and later the airline I was on was mentioned.

But besides all the coincidences, I loved the book–Controlling Interest by Elizabeth White.

Matt Hogan, PI, finds himself with a new partner(a cute one, named Natalie Tubberville).

Their first assignment is to find a missing heiress before her wedding.

I think of it as a cross between Without a Trace and I Love Lucy. The characters are delightful and I love the way they interact. The two detectives are both fairly new Christians and struggle with their new found faith and the temptations they face.

This is the first novel I have read by this author and I certainly look forward to more from her. I hope this detective agency is a constant in future books.

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